Which Teat Sanitisation System?

Alongside the plethora of different teat dip chemicals now on the market there is also a sometimes bewildering array of teat sanitisation systems available to apply these chemicals. All too often a lack of product awareness means that the most appropriate system is not selected which results in unnecessary exposure to mastitis pathogens, poor teat hygiene, wasted chemical consumption, poor labour utilisation, lost productivity gains and reduced profits for the farmer!

To optimise the teat sanitisation process it is important to select the right system by matching it:

  • To the type of chemical being used
  • To the ruminants or herd being treated and
  • To the milking system through which the herd is being milked

To assist customers in selecting the right Ambic teat sanitisation system we have constructed a ‘cross check list’, which makes it quick and easy to select the right system for your particular application.

Which Teat Sanitisation System

Click here to download a copy of Ambic’s Cross Check List: ‘Which Teat Sanitisation System’.

Important – Chemical Compatibility

Whilst Ambic Dip Cups are suitable for all types of chemicals, the standard automated spraying and dipping systems do NOT suit all chemicals.
For users of Chlorine Dioxide and Lactic Acid it is important to choose the Viton versions. Hypochlorite-based spraying chemicals are unsuitable for use with any of the systems and will invalidate the warranty.
For spraying of Peracetic Acid use only the PeraSpray system – other spray systems are unsuitable for this chemical.


For further details contact: sales@ambic.co.uk